ATOK Cascara Tea
ATOK Cascara Tea
ATOK Cascara Tea
ATOK Cascara Tea
ATOK Cascara Tea

ATOK Cascara Tea

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ATOK Cáscara Tea is made from sun-dried fruit pulp and skins of coffee beans. Cascara simply means husk in the Spanish language. While it may not have the same flavor profile as the coffee bean, it is much sweeter with a flavor profile of tamarind, lemon, honey, and sweet aromatics!

About Atok - Arabica Coffee Growers Marketing Cooperative (ACOGMAC)
Did you know? In 1995, ACOGMAC was formed to have centralized coop and help coffee growers in Atok, Benguet produce quality coffee. Today,  ACOGMAC is one of the top local producers of Arabica coffee and is home to many coffee champions. No surprise, it’s consistently been recognized since 2018 as the best Arabica coffee in the country by no other than the Coffee Congress of the Philippines.

NOTE: Depending on the batch of cascara tea, the given flavor profile of the ATOK cascara tea may not be 100% accurate, and may give you a unique flavor profile. Based on our objective evaluation of the tea, the sweet tamarind attributes are consistent throughout each batch. 

We are currently working with the partner cooperative to produce consistent batches of tea. Check Social Initiative to see how your purchase of ATOK Cascara Tea helps them. With every purchase, you are helping us move a step closer to our sustainable development goals: decent work and economic growth; reduced inequalities; and responsible consumption and production.


About the Tea

Variety Typica & Bourbon Dried Pulp
Origin Caliking, Atok
Elevation 1300m. - 1500m. A.S.L.
Producer Atok - Arabica Coffee Growers Marketing Cooperative
Process Mixed Process
Flavor Profile Green apple, Tamarind, Raisins, Hint of brown spices


Social Initiative

Cascara is typically considered a waste byproduct of coffee-production processes. Sometimes, they are discarded as compost fertilizers, though it was mostly too acidic for the plants. In the end, 97% of the discarded cascara pulps are dumped into the landfills, contributing to greenhouse waste. Although, it can be treated as a tea by steeping them in hot water!

Hence, we are encouraging our partner cooperative to convert cascara, the sun-dried skins of coffee cherries, into a sustainable product that can be consumed. Now, it is a commodity that allows for less production of waste and provides farmers with an additional source of income. 

With every purchase of ATOK Cascara Tea, you are empowering the partner cooperative to continue producing cascara tea in order to help them: 

  • Lessen waste from their production of green coffee beans
  • produce consistent  batches of tea; 
  • produce higher quality, especially in the upcoming harvest season (November 2021);
  • Create an opportunity for additional sources of income that will sustain their livelihood;
  • and generate funds that will help them buy better equipment to help them improve their next batch of produce. 

Shipping Information

For J&T and LBC, we ship them on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

NOTE: Due to the quarantine restrictions in selected areas, there may be delays in shipping.

ATOK Cascara Tea
ATOK Cascara Tea
ATOK Cascara Tea