Our Vision

In roasting sustainable coffee, we envision bringing out the story of local coffee, broadening the appreciation for Philippine beans, and supporting the livelihood of our farmers with sustainable models and approaches.

Our Mission

Yama Coffee Studio is dedicated to promoting Philippine-sourced coffee beans through ethical and sustainable coffee agriculture by highlighting and uplifting all of our key players: the farmer, producer, roaster, and consumer. In doing so, we aim to bring out the best flavors of our local beans.

Core Values

Here at Yama Coffee Studio, we value three core values:
• Coffee Social Sustainability
• Fair Trade Practice
• Traceability and Transparency

We go against unethical practices that have been long rampant in the coffee industry. We’re here to empower farmers, provide them with opportunities to sustain their livelihood, and in turn give you traceable, delicious coffee.

Coffee Social Sustainability

As advocates for the social sustainability of coffee, we build long-lasting and sustainable relationships with our farmers and ensure that they are compensated well. More than covering the production cost, we want to help them sustain their livelihood and their families financially.

Our goal has always been to integrate them into the distribution process by highlighting their products in the marketplace, sharing scientific findings on how to improve their processes, and acquiring their beans at a fair value.

Fair Trade Practice

We strongly believe in paying for the high-quality produce of farmers at a premium price. This practice encourages them to continue farming specialty coffee as their stable source of livelihood and income.

Traceability and Transparency

As roasters, we highly value our responsibility for the traceability and transparency of our coffee. It’s important to us that we properly highlight the farmer’s produce, be transparent with the origins of the coffee, and share the stories of individuals that produced it.

Our responsibility to you, our consumers, is to ensure that you know and understand the origins of your freshly roasted beans and the stories of the community that worked hard to harvest them.

Join us as we seek truth, justice, and accountability for all stakeholders, from farmers, producers, roasters, and you, the consumer.

Do Business With Us:

Do Business With Us: In our conquest for quality cups of coffee, we at Yama are dedicated to providing premium and specialty grade coffee beans and brewing equipment.

If you are in need of roasted coffee beans and/or brewing equipment for your cafe or for re-selling, we'll be glad to assist you.

For more information you may contact us through the following:



Instagram: @yama.kohi