Gene Paolo Garcia

Gene Paolo Garcia

Founder / Head Roaster
Research & Project Development Director

"Every coffee bean is like a time capsule: it contains the intricate life stories of the distant past and the present. The history, culture, the wisdom of the ancestors, and the present farmer’s hard-work are all encapsulated into the coffee beans. Hence, I believe that to preserve the Philippines’ ancient coffee cultivation practices and culture, we need to take action and sustain all aspects of the farmers' life."

Gideon Salviejo

Coffee Biochemistry Consultant
Research & Project
Development Co-Director

"I have always been amazed by the story told by every cup of coffee. Its taste is a culmination of the efforts of the farmers, roasters, coffee curators and consumers. I strongly believe that Producing coffee is a collaborative effort that should embody the ideas of sustainability and fair trade. I think that it is by acknowledging that coffee is not just a beverage and educating ourselves in the process of producing coffee can we truly appreciate specialty coffee."

Charlene Rodenas

Research and Project Development Associate

"Coffee is among the booming industries in our country, yet the people behind its production— Filipino coffee farmers— are still susceptible to socio-economic and climate vulnerabilities. To combat these issues, it’s crucial to educate ourselves as consumers by assessing the impact of our purchases from the ground up. Doing so not only strengthens our knowledge of consumption but also promotes an invaluable exchange of impact and support to communities behind the brews. Together, we can forge a lasting future with and for our farmers!"

Klariz Chen

Copywriter & Editorial Director
Research and Project Development Associate

"I love coffee. But I have long realized that saying this without recognizing the agriculture behind coffee and without taking action to empower the sector would be insufficient. In our own ways and together, let’s continue the efforts towards attaining sustainability - for coffee, for our farmers, for our country. "

Charmaine Puno

Creatives Director

"Behind every cup of coffee are our hardworking farmers and roasteries who devote themselves to produce quality coffee beans. Our local coffee industry has a lot of potential and this is the time to start acknowledging, supporting, and partnering with them. A cup of coffee is more than just a cup of coffee."

Kate Gonzales

Marketing Director

"I believe that coffee farming not only makes a great cup of coffee, but it makes a better society. It is our vision to elevate the coffee industry by promoting sustainable coffee agriculture, generating livelihood opportunities and advancing value chain development in the Philippines."

Kate Gonzales

Creatives Associate

"Imagine how many farmers you are empowering with just a simple sip. I believe that now more than ever, we have proven that becoming conscious by a simple change of lifestyle can create a ripple of great opportunities for local artisans and the environment."