What you'll need:
Origami Dipper S
Origami Filter (1-2cups)
Coffee Grounds: Medium Fine Grind
Coffee Server or Mug
Scale with Time
96°C of Water

15g of Coffee
225mL of Water
2:30-3:00 Brewing Time

1. Heat your water up to 96 degrees Celsius 
2. Grind your coffee to medium fine
3. Place the ORIGAMI Dripper S on top of your server or mug
4. Place the ORIGAMI Filter in your dripper
5. Rinse your filter with hot water and remove water afterwards
6. Add 15g of your coffee into your dripper and give your dripper a gentle tap to level the grounds
7. Start your timer and pour up to 50mL of water starting from the center and steadily spiral away from the center to the outer edge
8. At 30 seconds, pour another 60mL in a circular motion. At around 1:10-1:20, do a 60mL center pour. At 1:45, do your last 55mL pour
9. Wait for the coffee to drop and make sure that your brewing ends at around 2:30-3:00
10. Remove your dripper, give your server a swirl, smell the story, and enjoy!